One-to-one production

Fax/handwritten/PDF version of slide will be transformed in to electronic presentation in the template given by client. We focus on one-to-one 100% accuracy.

High end production

Slides can be shown visually more appealing by adding appropriate colors, images, gradients and matching message with layout.

Template conversion

Presentations in one template (e.g., client source file) will be transformed into the required template (e.g., target template). Contents from word and excel can also be transformed into PowerPoint slides.

Visual enhancement

Changing the layout of slide to conform with the message of the slide. Optimum usage of slide space and font size.

Adding Illustrative images

Suitable images will be included in order to convey the message more visually and prominently.

Template designing

Our specialist team create the PowerPoint template according to the inputs provided by the client. We have designed a separate questionnaire to gather information about the client's taste and corporate identity.

Add-in creation

Our specialized Powerpoint add-in Creation Team is capable of designing and creating macros with any level of complexity.

Excel programming

We have specialists in Excel programming who develop projects for our global clients which involves developing complex forms, functions, modules and coding for affordable cost.