Why outsource to India?

July 2020

With globalization flattening the world, it has become increasingly important for companies to utilize outsourcing firms in India to stay competitive. When you think of outsourcing, India is the best destination for technical work, when compared to other outsourcing locations. Here are some reasons why your company must seriously consider outsourcing to India.

It is as easy to outsource to India as well as hiring and signing a contract with an Indian service provider

Achieve more with less by outsourcing to India

All business houses are striving to boost their profits by increasing the output of their staff. You can achieve this by outsourcing your projects to India and let your existing staff manage the outsourced team and projects.

And this approach of outsourcing only to India can lead to greater efficiency and increased productivity at your company.

Access educated professionals with appropriate skill sets

India as a preferred outsourcing destination, offers talented people who are highly educated, often holding degrees from some of the world's finest universities. Though language and cultural barriers still exist, you need not worry when you outsource to India, as Indian professionals speak better English than other leading outsourcing destinations.

India can help you to focus on core business competencies

As your business grows, you will need to support your increasing customer base or research and test new products while maintaining your current growth rate. Handling everything in-house may take your focus away from the core business activities. However, outsourcing to India can enable you to delegate noncore activities while you continue to manage the business functions that make you successful. India is a versatile outsourcing location, where you can easily find a service provider for customer support, research, marketing or any other business activity that you would prefer to outsource.

Your company become more scalable with the help of India

Since business is often unpredictable with its own peak and low seasons, you may not always have the right number of staff members with the appropriate skills for your current workload. Outsourcing to India can help you handle such impossible business situations, by providing you access to skilled people, as and when you require them. Whether you require less or more resources, outsourcing can provide your company with a certain level of scalability.

Outsourcing to India is easy

It is as easy to outsource to India as well as hiring and signing a contract with an Indian service provider. You should, however, take appropriate steps to make sure that you outsource only what you can handle. Listed below are a few points to help you outsource to India:

  • Be clear of your business goals and be specific in what you need to outsource
  • Explore the market and potential Indian service providers before you hire an outsourcing partner
  • To start with, outsource a simple project to test the capabilities of your chosen outsourcing service provider. This will enable you to develop a relationship with your team in India
  • Invest in web conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting and Webex that will help you communicate with your remote team in India
  • Manage your outsourcing partner the same way as you do your in-house staff. Define your deliverables and deadlines, along with a document of your expectations. Arrange regular meetings with the vendor, to review the status of your project and to set priorities.

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